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So yours truly has a YouTube channel that he uploads videos to on a weekly basis but within that channel I have 2 separate shows:


Whar Gwarn

Firstly, whar gwarn is Jamaican slang for ‘what’s going on?’ Secondly, this is where I take interesting topics people might not know much about and break them down in an easy to understand manner. I’ve done episodes on why black people don’t like being called niggers, how Game of Thrones will end (I’ve sussed it), homeless witchcraft children of the Congo and tons more. You can watch all of my Whar Gwarn episodes on the playlist below.


Break Yo’Self

Break Yo’Self is a show that looks at spirituality, personal development, and working out the very nature of reality itself. If you like the idea of videos that discussion reincarnation, living in the present moment, fear, the consciousness of plants, and other crazy esoteric topics then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Watch all of my Break Yo’Self episodes on the playlist below.