My stories

In the days of yore. I’d have been called a scribe. A dutiful student of written language, called upon by destiny to pen tales of fascinating characters who are thrust into nail biting sequences of events for the entertainment of the masses. Today they just call me a writer but the job description hasn’t changed.

I love to create all sorts of stories but right now I find myself writing dark and cerebral tales that delve deep into the heart of the human psyche. I write stories that not only have great story lines but are crafted with a style that oozes class, wit and flair (if I do say so myself). If you like your writing to be intelligent, intense, energetic, exciting, thought provoking and ultimately impossible to put down; so help me God you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some of mah stuff!


Death of the Ego

Christian fundamentalist terrorists bring about the downfall of society. We have rioting, looting, murder, mayhem and chaos in the streets; and in the middle of the calamity this causes, a jilted and miserable evil asshole of a dug dealer ends up looking after a newly orphaned 8 year old girl. His first thought is to keep her around and use her to help him get back home to London, knowing that being seen with a small child will earn him the trust and aid of police, soldiers and the general public. However; through the childlike innocence and beauty of this girl, he starts to look in the mirror for the first time in his life and realises that he doesn’t like the person who’s looking back at him. He realises that he is now and has always been an evil piece of work and as the outer word of social structure comes crashing down around him, so does his inner world of hubris and self deception. He undergoes a massive crisis of identity and emerges from a chrysalis of pain and despair to ultimately become a new person.

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Having seen her sister die at the hands of an evil demon, Tasharna Callam joins an ancient order of monks to train for her revenge.

Download a sample of Tempest here