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I’m passionate about pushing myself past my limits and make a point of setting myself challenges to grow as a human being.

The first one I did was called 100 Days of Rejection and it basically had me going out and facing a different type of rejection every day for 100 days to get over the sting of caring about the thoughts of other people. I did some crazy things during the course of that challenge, which included:

  • Asking a random man on the street out on a date (I’m very much straight!)
  • Asking a woman for a hug and a kiss
  • Asking for free coffee in a coffee shop
  • Going out on my own and asking to join random groups of people
  • Challenging a stranger to a race on the street
  • Going to a police station and asking to sit in a cell for half an hour

And much, much more.

You can read 100 Days of Rejection here.