Ciaran Callam - sugar
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Hello humans. je m’appelle Ciaran Callam and I’m a sugar addict. For as far back as I can remember I’ve been literally, irrefutably and undeniably addicted to the sweet tasting white poison we all love to cram into our food. I can’t bear to think about how much money I’ve spent on candy, chocolates, and other forms of junk throughout my life because I know it’s a figure that would horrify me to see written on paper. You see; I’ve spent countless hours gorging my face on delicious carcinogens and while I’ve got to admit that these form some of the happiest memories of my life, the fact remains that I am addicted and that something desperately needs to change. I’ve done a lot of research into the harms of sugar and now that I know just how toxic it is to my health, I can’t justify putting it into my body anymore. There’s also the fact that I’ve been feeling the negative effects of having sugar in my diet for a few years now.  Whenever I eat sugary things, my thoughts and memory get hazy as all hell, my hayfever kicks into 5th gear, I feel physically sick and my vision actually deteriorates. Tis time for a change; so for the next 30 days I’m going cold turkey to once and for all beat my lifelong sugar addiction.

Wish a brother luck!

Days number 7 & 8

OK so I’ve been writing these posts about a day in arrears for a while now and every morning I wake up and tell myself that I’ll write two posts that day but it never happpens so I’m just gonna combine days 7 & 8 into one post to properly catch up.

In any event, things are going really, really well and I can totally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still do experience sugar cravings but they’re getting smaller all the time and I’m also starting to look at food differently. Before I looked at sugary stuff as something I wanted but was depriving myself of but now it’s becoming something that I just know isn’t conducive to me achieving my goals and that’s a very powerful distinction to make. As I write this post I’m sat in a coffee shop and feeling pretty damn hungry because I’ve not eaten in hours. Ordinarily I’d have caved and bought some chocolately treats or even just a muffin but today I’m holding firm until I can find something appropriate. Yay me.

It also seems like the misery I put myself through on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was worth it too because my confidence has sky rocketed. I made it through the toughest and most sugarific period of the year without eating any crap and that feels pretty damn awesome. I spent 2 days surrounded by chocolates, sweets, cakes, pudding, sodas, and my mom’s beloved mince pies but had none of it. Absolutely none of it! Nada. Zilch. Sweet FA.

If I can do that, then I can pretty much do anything.

Oh and here’s an updated pic of the cache of sweets I’m carrying around with me. Like I said before; the plan is keep buying more  until this challenge is over but I don’t know what I’ll do with them when that time comes.
Anyone got any ideas?