And that’s supposed to be a bad thing, right? Everybody agrees on it, both men and women alike.

If a woman enjoys sex just a little bit too much, fucks one too many guys, and is down for the sort of depraved shit that both sexes fantasise about, then she is of course a slut and the lowest of the low.

But does that make any logical sense really? I honestly can’t see why anyone of either sex would actually wanna perpetuate such a bullshit belief because it helps nobody and harms everyone. ‘And just how is that?’ I hear you all ask? Well give me half a freaking second and I’ll tell you all, sheesh.


Everyone reading this who’s male and straight needs to just level with me for a moment. We’re all men and we all want to get laid as much as is humanly possible. Yes we do want to find great girlfriends and wives (eventually). Those things are very, very important to all men, but God dammit, we simply need to spread our seed. We’ve been groomed since birth to believe that the amount of women we can bed is a direct indicator of our masculinity, yet we all live in a society in which most of us aren’t getting the ‘sweet lovin’ we so desperately crave and feel like fucking shit as a result.

Well guys, I’m sorry to say this but you do bring it all on yourselves.

How many guys can relate to this story? You meet a girl, think she’s hot (or at least fuckable) and pump (hehe) maximum effort into making sure that said intercourse occurs as quickly as is humanly possible.

You use every single last one of your tools of seduction to bang this hoe in record time and fulfill your deeply ingrained biological and psychological urges.

However, if said hoe jumps into bed with you a little too quickly, or is just a tad bit too experienced in the bedroom for your tastes then you tell everyone that she’s a slut.  You spread the word that she’s ‘easy’ and tell society at large just how simple it was to get her into bed. Your friends tell their friends, who in turn tell their amigos, who then tell their homies, and like a psychic plague sweeping its way through the community, little by little this poor girl’s reputation is destroyed. Much, of course, to your ultimate amusement and pleasure.

But here’s the thing guys, women actually want and need sex. It’s a blasphemous statement, I know but grab a seatbelt and strap yourselves in while I go one step further. You ready? Are you strapped in? Great, here goes;. Women actually want sex more than we do. I understand that’s probably a huge can of worms to open but if you don’t believe me and need some proof simply check out My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, a book that explores women’s sexual fantasies

We’re all mammals at the end of the day, and evolutionarily speaking, there’s no way a species could survive as long as we have if both genders weren’t in love with the reproductive process. They want it just as much (if not more) than we do, and to expect them to be chaste, dainty, and virginal flowers doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Imagine with me, for a second, dear men. Imagine that we all lived in a world in which at least half of the women you met on a daily basis were actively trying to get into your pants and fuck you. Sounds fucking awesome, right?

I totally agree, but let’s take things one step further.

Let’s imagine that as much as you might want to sleep with any of these girls that were trying it on with you, you simply weren’t allowed to do it unless a very strict set of hard to reach societal circumstances had been met. Picture, if you can, just how messed up it would be to know that the very thing that these girls are trying to get from you, which also happens to be the very thing you want yourself, is also what will ruin you if you ‘give in’ too early.

That’s the reality that most women live in, and it’s a very large part of the reason why women play games with you. They can’t appear to be too ‘easy’ and have to give you the run around otherwise you, and society at large, won’t respect them.

But placing all of that crap aside, guys, would any of us really want to live in a world with no ‘sluts’? Sluts are amazing in bed, fun loving to the core, and quite frankly are often a welcome break from the average ‘I’m gonna make you work your back off until you’ve earned it’ kinda gals.

Yes I know that sluts tend to have mild psychological issues that make them nigh on impossible to bear long term, but if we can’t have a society in which women are all free to do what they bloody well want, ultimately making both sexes eternally blissful, then sluts definitely have their place.

And now for the girls

What’s that you say, girls? You thought that this was gonna be a male bashing post? No no no, mi amore, you dames definitely have your role to play in all of this mess and to be frank, you bring it on yourselves.

Now everyone who’s reading this and is in possession of two breasts and more oestrogen than testosterone needs to level with me for just a second.

Gals, dames, ladies, honeys, lasses, women, whatever the fuck you want to be called, I understand.

Seriously, I’d like to let it be known right now that I get it. The Boy truly sympathises with your plight and feels your pain.

As I explained to the guys, you’re all sexual beings, and the truth is that you’re all faaaar more depraved than you’re ever likely to admit in polite conversation with the parents. You have wild, wicked, sinful, debaucherous fantasies. Fantasies that you keep hidden from the world at all costs. Fantasies that were the men in your life to ever hear about, their eyes would expand to bursting point moments before they died from brain aneurysms. The problem is that you can’t let those fantasies out for fear of judgement, so you keep them reigned in. You tone a deep and core facet of your humanity at all times, but girls please let’s all be honest and say that secretly, you want to be a slut.

Now that’s totally fine and I only use the word slut to mean ‘a 100% sexually free woman’, but come on girls, you do. I’ve yet to meet a woman who wasn’t COMPLETELY game for some seriously kinky sex acts once she was sufficiently aroused to the point at which the thin veneer of social decorum was firmly ripped from the front of her psyche. It’s also interesting to note how much more willing women are to sleep with a man when they’re on holiday and away from the prying eyes of their wider peer group and how amazingly popular erotic novels are among you dames.

50 Shades of Grey anyone?

But here lies the problem, girls. How many of you have been out somewhere, seen a woman that was wearing something that you and your friends deemed inappropriate, and then proceeded to judge her and belittle her?

Or how many of you have heard a story about the actions of some supposedly promiscuous bitch and proceeded to ruin the girl’s social standing by badmouthing her?

Plenty of you, I’m sure. Now the truth is that said promiscuous bitch was only doing what the vast majority of you secretly want to do and would definitely be doing if you weren’t brought up to think your natural biological urges are wrong.

By demeaning and belittling a woman for having the courage (or stupidity) to do what the fuck she wants and stick two fingers up at social convention, you’re only helping to perpetuate the psychological prison that’s been constructed for you. Let’s take the Women’s Lib movement from the 1960s or the Suffragette movement from the late 19th century. Both of these came about because after centuries of putting up with treatment that they felt was totally unfair, women came together to make a stand, changed the world for the better, and now we live in a world in which you gals are free to work, vote, and enjoy freedoms that would have been ridiculous to consider 250 years ago. Why not take a leaf out of their book?

So in closing guys and gals; I’d simply like to say that we all like to fuck, and there’s no reason why two consenting and otherwise unattached adults shouldn’t be free to get it on in the kitchen with impunity.  In this day and age of birth control for pregnancies and condoms and the like for STIs, we can, to some degree, get our rocks off with a free conscience. If a woman likes to fuck many men, does that really excuse her kind heart, love of family, charity donations, or desire to succeed professionally?

Smell ya later!