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Guten tag! My name’s Ciaran Callam and I’m a writer, comedian, YouTuber, and chocolate skinned homosapien from London.

On this site you’ll find my stories, blog posts, and YouTube videos as well as info on whatever crazy personal development challenge I happen to be subjecting myself to right now.

Also, I want to say thanks for checking out my site. You could be doing anything with your time right now, but you’re choosing to spend it with me and I do appreciate that.

Ciao for now, human.

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Challenge posts

  • 100 Women in 50 Days – Day 31

    100 Women in 50 Days – Day 31

    One thing that isn’t often spoken about is how hard it is for men to approach women with romantic intent....
  • 100 Days of Rejection – Day 15

    100 Days of Rejection – Day 15

    Like most, I cared a little too much about what people thought and feared rejection. It’s something I always wanted...

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  • Tempest


    Having seen her sister die at the hands of an evil and soul-sucking demon, Tasharna Callam, a young black girl...

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  • It’s not you, it’s me

    It’s not you, it’s me

    It’s not you it’s me. Everyone’s heard that phrase, either blasting out of our own lips or those of someone’s...

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